RF Logistics, LLC is a VA Veteran Owned Small Business

Special Warfare Automated Logistics Information System (SWALIS)

SWALIS - One-Stop Asset Management

  • Control and Manage Inventory
  • Receive and Induct into Inventory
  • Inventory (including Spot Inventory and Cycle Counts)
  • Reconciliation
  • Reorder Review, Requisition and Replenishment
  • Kitting and Kit Management
  • Service Life and Shelf Life Management and Disposition
  • Track 100% of all assets (Serial or Non-Serial; Consumable or Reusable)
  • Item location Management
  • Item Movement
  • Issue Assets to Groups or Individuals (audit trail & custody transfer records (DD1149))


Maintenance and Assessments

  • Provide Use and Service Life History of Each Item
  • Document Results of Inspections
  • Document Repair Actions
  • Track Repair Parts Usage
  • Provide Failure and Repair Analysis Metrics

Real-time Reports and Queries

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Dashboard Metrics including drill-down capability from Top Level to individual asset serial number
  • Historical Data at all Levels

RF Logistics, LLC (RFL) is a sub-contractor to Northern Taiga Ventures, Inc. (NTVI) but has provided the long term continuity for NSWC asset management and supports NSWC asset management system design, development, and implementation for all warehouse functions at Coronado CA, Little Creek VA, and Dam Neck VA.  RFL also provides remote support to users in Stennis MS, Crane IN, and West Virginia as well as overseas users in locations that include Hawaii, Guam, Bahrain, Germany, and other forward deployed locations.  This support encompasses all asset management functions including receipt, issuance, inventory, retrieval, transfer, and disposal.

Bar Code Scanner

RFL supported introduction of automatic identification technology (AIT) into NSWC asset management including all its variations: “point of activity” data capture, mobile computing, barcode printing technologies and capture, Wireless Radio Frequency Data Capture (RFDC), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  More recently, RFL assisted NSWC in ensuring compliance with DOD Item Unique Identification (IUID) requirements and the DoD IUID Registry.

RFL was the principal developer of the Special Warfare Automated Logistics Information System (SWALIS), a web-based asset management system that serves as the repository for data input, manipulation, reporting, and ad hoc query in support of the Command’s functional areas and operational tasks.  Using SWALIS, NSWC has a 100% reliable ‘single source of truth’ system that tracks well over three million assets assigned to over 2500 active users.

SWALIS Qualifications

  • Has NIPR and SIPR Authorizations to Operate (ATOs) that were awarded under the DIACAP certification process. 
  • Is registered and certified with the DOD Information Technology Portfolio Repository (DITPR) and DITPR-Department of the Navy (DITPR-DON).
  • Has been thoroughly evaluated and independently verified as a viable accountable property system of record in accordance with Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) Blue Book criteria. This capability has allowed NSWC to propose SWALIS as its official property book in lieu of the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS). The waiver is currently with OPNAV N4 for final approval.

SWALIS combines an Oracle® 11g application server and database, dashboard reporting and business process management (BPM) automation, and purpose-developed code (Java and other languages) into a web-based application.  It operates from users’ workstations (desktop or laptop computer) or from mobile computer platforms (handheld PDA style smart systems with scanning capability) which allow the users to go to the equipment and capture all the necessary data at the true point of activity.  RFL designed SWALIS to be a simple to use, “point and click” system which requires little to no keyboard entry of data.  This greatly reduces the chance for keyboard data errors and promotes data assurance.

SWALIS can also run on Windows® OS or Linux® and can run on a Server Architecture, Workstation or Laptop.

RFL personnel have been instrumental in developing SWALIS since its earliest days and, for the last six years, have participated in all of its phases including requirements gathering and analysis, activity knowledge capture, planning, interfaces with other DOD IT systems, Initial Operational Capability (IOC), system maintenance and upgrades, and user training.  The current contract involves full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), integrating multiple legacy systems, maintaining a multi-level security environment and information assurance, providing configuration management, and meeting expanding customer requested system requirements.

Significant RFL Supported Enhancements

RFL has analyzed and provided requirements definition which would support an eventual SWALIS interface with each of these systems:

  • Navy MicroSNAP
  • Navy RSupply
  • Navy COLTS (for unmanned aerial vehicle maintenance)
  • Army Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)
  • USSOCOM Special Operations Forces Total Asset Visibility (SOFTAV)
  • DPAS

-  Addition of a maintenance capability in SWALIS to provide NSWC with a comprehensive web-based system for managing the readiness of all Command assets.

- NSWC received a waiver from Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to use SWALIS for maintenance records in lieu of NAVSEA’s standard 3M system.

-  Development of management dashboards to provide convenient access to asset and financial information for the command which is now being expanded to include maintenance and life cycle measurement data.

Ongoing Customer Support

  • System Administration
  • Tier 1 Trouble Support
  • Logisticians & System Support
  • Engineering Change Proposals (Defects)
  • Periodic Training & Retraining
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Calls & Analysis

New Customer Process

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Collection, Normalization, Upload
  • Tailor Customer Reports (as required)
  • Item and Location Marking (with customer)
  • Equipment Installation and Familiarization
  • Introductory SWALIS Familiarization
  • Baseline Inventory (By Customer)
  • Initial SWALIS Functional Training
  • Begin to record ALL Transactions in SWALIS
  • Sign off and Go Live
  • Intro to Tier 1 Support