RF Logistics, LLC is a VA Veteran Owned Small Business

Quality Assurance (QA) Support

The goal of any project is to create reliable, maintainable, supportable systems. The RFL Quality Management processes follow the guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI) where Quality Control (QC) is used to monitor results and assess performance while Quality Assurance (QA) audits quality requirements and quality control measurements to ensure appropriate standards and processes are being followed.

RFL’s approach allocates responsibility for quality to all members of our team, from the top down. We subscribe to quality management as an integral component in assuring that organizational processes and systems developed for our customers comply with all standards and instructions. RFL ensures newly-hired personnel understand the company’s commitment to quality and are trained in the processes we use to ensure quality software development. The iterative nature of the RFL software and database development processes facilitates high quality levels by dividing projects into manageable increments making it easier to ensure each increment meets the required quality standards and any quality issues are identified and corrected as early as possible.

RFL maintains close contact with its customers during its iterative development process to ensure the final product will meet customer requirements. Through quality methodologies and communications methods, RFL establishes the customer contact needed to maximize quality customer support.